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auditory processing disorder what you're missing

Auditory Processing Disorder treatment: what you’re missing

August 15, 2022

What is auditory processing disorder?

Auditory processing disorder occurs when a person cannot match the sounds they hear to the sounds they know. It’s not an intellectual delay or a hearing problem. 

For example, a student in class knows what a ‘p’ sound sounds like. He’s learned this. His hearing is excellent, but due to processing issues in his brain, when he hears the teacher say a ‘p’ sound he in fact hears a ‘b’ sound.

A person can have excellent hearing (their ears are sending the sound to their brain) but poor auditory processing (their brain doesn’t match up the sounds properly).

These students can benefit from help to take charge of their own learning, monitor their behaviour and progress and make adjustments along the way.

Why kids with auditory processing disorder struggle in the classroom

Did you know? In the classroom, up to 89% of instruction is spoken.

Students who can quickly process verbal information are at a significant advantage. For them, this figure is a fun fact.
For students that need auditory processing disorder treatment, it is decidedly not a fun fact.
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Online auditory processing disorder test

People aged 5 and above who meet the eligiblity requirements can enrol in our online auditory processing disorder test.
You need an iPad to complete this test at home.
The test is research validated and results are evaluated by professionals.

Why auditory processing disorder treatment is so important

It’s so important to treat Auditory Processing Disorders (APD). Untreated, APD can cause students to:

  • forget instructions
  • misunderstand what’s said
  • be slow to respond, or
  • drift off/tune out.
Students with APD are at higher risk of disengagement from learning because they have to work so much harder just to keep up.
And when left untreated, kids with poor listening skills can grow into adults with the lifelong legacy of listening and learning difficulties.
So how do we treat auditory processing difficulties? Auditory Processing Disorder treatment involves 3 steps… but too often, the most important step is missing.

What is usually missing from an auditory processing disorder treatment

Most Auditory Processing Disorder treatment focuses on coping with the problem by:
Compensating for the problem by changing the way a student is taught or providing them with other ways to access information in class.
Some examples include:
  • breaking up instructions
  • checking for understanding
  • providing visual aids.

Changing the environment to make listening easier.
Some examples include sitting at the front of the classroom, reducing noise and echo, and amplifying the teacher’s voice.

auditory processing difficulties
❌ While these coping strategies will make listening and learning a little easier, they will not fix the auditory processing problem – in fact, they’re a bandaid. What will target the cause of auditory processing disorder?
To target the cause of APD, treatment must include this often missing step:
Skill building – training the brain to process sound correctly and quickly.
Yes, this is possible!
  • But it requires actively training the brain to pay attention, to process quickly and accurately, and to remember learnt information.
  • To achieve this, we use Fast ForWord, a program that’s proven to improve many areas of auditory processing.
  • Fast ForWord is designed to change the brain, re-wiring it for listening, attention and memory.
How to help students with learning disabilities - self monitoring
If you or your child experience APD, feel free to call our professionals for free advice or click on the link below to request our comprehensive APD info pack.

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CAPD info pack

Download APD info pack

Find out how to best help a student with APD, how to understand your child’s test results, and how Fast ForWord can help.

Fast forword

Learn about the Fast ForWord online program

Builds the foundations of learning and auditory processing
Fast forword

Online auditory processing test

Easy, cost-effective auditory processing test for people aged 5 and above. Research validated and evaluated by speech pathologists and audiologists.

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