April Neuroscience and Learning News

sonic-learning-neuroscience-and-learning1Welcome to the April edition of Sonic Learning’s Neuroscience and Learning Roundup – a collection of what’s been firing up our neurons from around the web.

Left brain or right brain?

A lot has been made over the years about the role of the left and right hemispheres of our brain – the left hemisphere is where logic resides, the right hemisphere is dominant in creative types. What’s the truth? Sonic’s blog post, “Brain Myths: What Your Brain Hemispheres Are Really Up To“, takes a look at the research. There’s also this fascinating video on the topic to watch.

Watching molecules become memories

Memory is so essential to our identity, we usually take it for granted – until we forget something important, of course. How does the brain do it? The process still eludes science, but it’s taken a step forward – scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine have found a way to tag molecules in the brain so they can watch memories form. A greater understanding in this area could lead to breakthrough treatments for diseases like Alzheimer’s.

What happens in your brain when people like your Facebook status?

Why do we get excited when we get ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on Facebook? (Hint: it’s much like any addiction.) And who would have thought neuroscience could ever have relevance to Facebook?

The neuroscience of how you make decisions

We know how much our emotions can interfere with our decision-making; sometimes it seems like emotions are the enemy of making the logical, right choice. But did you know emotions are essential to making any decision at all? Here’s the neuroscience of decision-making explained in 30 seconds.

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