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5 ways to take control of the new school year

March 8, 2022

Facing another school year can be a daunting experience, with shopping for uniforms and books, and readjusting to the school routine. Then let’s not forget the extra study load, new challenges and responsibilities as well as perhaps the frustrations of much higher academic expectations.

Planning for a successful school year starts with preparation. Taking control this year will make life a little easier – you’ll find that a proactive approach will win out over simply reacting to whatever the year throws at you.

Here are few simple yet important things you can do to ensure that you and your children come out on top:

1. Create a schedule

Put the holidays behind you and get back into the school routine. Set bedtimes, breakfast times, homework and study schedules.

2. Fill the calendar

Mark all of the important dates and plan ahead. Highlight term dates, excursions, camps, sports days, NAPLAN dates, etc. Place your calendar where it’s clearly visible and refer to it every day.

3. Set a high standard

Children must know that their learning is important. Talk to them about school and be supportive. Encourage them to let you know if they’re having trouble.

4. Don’t wait for the teacher to contact you

Make an appointment. Teachers can often tell within a few weeks if a student is falling behind but with ever-increasing teacher workloads, you may only find out when the problem becomes serious. See our post on how to get the most out of parent-teacher meetings.

5. Don’t procrastinate

If you notice an area of concern, act right away. Don’t leave it up the teacher alone. The sooner you address the difficulty, the easier it’ll be to boost your child’s confidence and learning ability.

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