2015 NAPLAN results: how to improve classroom achievement

Improve NAPLAN results with Fast ForWord programsThe 2015 NAPLAN summary results have been released. Around 94% of Australian students are performing above the national minimum standard. If your child performed below the national minimum standard on reading, writing or spelling, it can be difficult to know how to help them improve.

Who’s to blame?

Some media sources have been quick to blame teachers – but the reality is that some students have trouble listening, paying attention, and processing information quickly and accurately. This means that no matter how good their classroom instruction, they will still have trouble remembering what they have been taught. Many of these students will not have a diagnosis but will be labelled as ‘lazy’ or told to ‘try harder’.

Improve processing skills, improve classroom achievement

Fast-ForWord-auditory-processing-training2The good news is that programs like Fast ForWord are helping these students overcome their processing difficulties. Sonic Learning has proudly been helping thousands of Australian children improve their learning and reading skills for the past 12 years.

“Before we couldn’t get Harris to read anything and now he takes a book with him when he goes out. It’s nothing for him to be reading 3 novels at a time.” Click for more Fast ForWord program reviews.

Sean, Harris' father

Free web seminar: Understanding Writing and Spelling Difficulties

neuroscience in the classroom brain training program fast forwordJoin us for a free webinar on 28 October 2015 to learn about the skills involved in writing and spelling, and why some students have so much trouble with these tasks.

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