Queensland scholarships

Sonic Learning is offering Fast ForWord scholarships for 50 Queensland students
Ten schools will have the opportunity to place five students on the award-winning and evidence based Fast ForWord programs during term 4, 2014.

Are you a proactive, motivated educator who wants to give your struggling students a significant learning boost? Apply for the Fast ForWord scholarship program now!

To apply, please complete the application form and return it to Sonic Learning by 3 September, 2014.

Terms and conditions:

  • This scholarship opportunity is open to schools in Queensland who have not previously used the Fast ForWord programs. Schools must apply for this scholarship by completing the application form and submitting it to Sonic Learning via email (info@soniclearning.com.au) or fax (08 6313 0682) by 3 September 2014.
  • Schools selected for the scholarship program will be provided with:
    • licenses to use the Fast ForWord programs with 5 students during term 4, 2014
    • a license for MySciLearn progress tracking and reporting tools
    • a staff information session
    • training for supervising coaches in monitoring students and analysing progress reports
    • telephone and email support for technical setup
    • ongoing telephone and email support throughout the duration of the implementation
  • Additional students can be enrolled for participation during term 4 for only $150 per student.
  • Fast ForWord training must be completed at the participating school. Each student must train on the programs for 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week for the duration of term 4, 2014.
  • Participating schools are responsible for purchasing suitable, inexpensive stereo headphones that cover the ears (Sonic Learning can provide supplier details). Each student must have access to a set of headphones. In addition, a set of headphones is required for the supervising coach. Five headphone double adaptors will be provided by Sonic Learning.
    To participate in the trial, the school’s internet connection must be at least 1.54 Mbps (as tested at the time of day the students will be training) and computers must meet the MySciLearn technical specifications.
  • Participating schools must make an onsite computer technician available to complete computer setup, which must be completed by September 12, 2014.
  • Your school must provide coaches to supervise students as they train. Coaches must undergo training provided by Sonic Learning (training is included as part of the scholarship program).
  • Students must be in year 2 or higher, have an IQ of at least 70 and school attendance that will enable them to participate in Fast ForWord training 5 days per week. Sonic Learning can provide advice on student selection.

Please direct questions to Sonic Learning:
Phone: 1300 135 334
Fax: (08) 6313 0682