Fast ForWord Reading 5

Note: Fast ForWord Reading 5 will be retired in October 2020 and replaced during 2021 with a new reading comprehension program.

Fast ForWord Reading 5 is appropriate for students in upper primary, high school and adults. It concentrates on enhancing advanced reading comprehension skills and expanding vocabulary skills.

Fast ForWord Reading 5 consists of five exercises:

Fast ForWord reading program 5 gator jam

Gator Jam
A spirited alligator band helps the hippo serenade his sweetheart, while students create the lyrics by completing and then categorising the various types of analogies. This exercise builds vocabulary and improves critical thinking and abstract reasoning.

Fast ForWord reading program 5 lanas lanes

Lana’s Lanes
Students are welcomed to Lana’s Lanes, a bovine bowling experience, where they learn reading comprehension strategies as they work with fiction and nonfiction passages that include a wide range of literary structures and devices.

Fast ForWord reading program 5 quack splash

Quack Splash
Students help the diving duck build multiple-paragraph passages and then demonstrate comprehension of the passages by identifying missing words, phrases, and sentences. This exercise develops skills in constructing and organising fiction and nonfiction passages.

Fast ForWord reading program 5 wood works

Wood Works
The crafty beaver is building a dam and the students assist his efforts by sorting words into the appropriate phonemic or spelling-based categories. This exercise builds accuracy and fluency in spelling, decoding and phonemic analysis.

Fast ForWord reading program 5 toad loader

Toad Loader
There are lots of boxes to pack and label, and students help the toad load the boxes by building a sentence that describes an illustration. This exercise develops accuracy and fluency in recognising sentence structures and constructing sentences.

Language and reading skills developed by Fast ForWord Reading 5:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Sentence construction
  • Sentence and paragraph comprehension
  • Multi-paragraph story construction
  • Comprehension strategies
  • Figurative language use
  • Critical thinking
  • Abstract thinking.

Cognitive skills developed by Fast ForWord Reading 5:

  • Working and long term memory
  • Selective and sustained attention
  • Language processing
  • Auditory and visual processing
  • Sequencing.

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