Fast ForWord Reading 4

Fast ForWord Reading 4 builds reading skills critical for classroom success by applying knowledge of word origins, word forms, sentence structures and punctuation rules to improve comprehension.

Download scope and sequence document – lists language, reading and cognitive skills targeted.

Fast ForWord Reading 4 consists of six exercises:

Fast ForWord Reading 4 Book Monkeys Book Two

Book Monkeys 2
A group of monkeys is hanging in the library. As participants help organise disheveled books, the exercise builds reading comprehension using literal, inferential, and organisational knowledge.

Fast ForWord Reading 4 Goat Quotes

Goat Quotes
It’s time for a lunch break at Mr Goat’s newsstand. He can be very picky since he only likes to eat papers with sentences that match his headlines, and students must choose the most appropriate paper for him to munch on. This exercise helps build paragraph comprehension and basic syntactic structures of spoken English.

Fast ForWord Reading program 4 hoof beat

Hoof Beat
The giraffe quiz mistress asks the animals in the beauty salon to choose one of four words that best answers a question. Students help the animals select the correct answer. This exercise improves decoding ability and develops vocabulary.

Fast ForWord Reading program 4 jitterbug jukebox

Jitterbug Jukebox
The folks in the diner want to dance. Students help select the cool tunes by spelling out the words that are pronounced. This exercise builds and reinforces rules that govern the use of high frequency irregular words.

Fast ForWord Reading program 4 lulus laundry line

Lulu’s Laundry Line
Students help Lulu and her friends sort the laundry by correctly placing the word or punctuation mark in the displayed paragraph, highlighting general punctuation rules, comma use, and capitalisation.

Fast ForWord Reading program 4 stinky bills billboard

Stinky Bill’s Billboard
Students help Stinky Bill get the missing words back on his billboard by selecting the correct word to fill in the blank spaces. Skills developed include the use of compound words, prefixes, and homophones, while building word knowledge.

Language and reading skills developed by Fast ForWord Reading 4:

  • Decoding
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Letter-sound correspondence
  • Punctuation
  • Syntactic structures of spoken English.

Cognitive skills developed by Fast ForWord Reading 4:

  • Working and long term memory
  • Selective and sustained attention
  • Auditory processing
  • Sequencing.

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