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Harristown State High School, QLD
Interview with Yvonne Bidgood, Fast ForWord coordinator/ Head of Department - Effective Learning and Teaching

Yvonne Bidgood is the coordinator of the Fast ForWord program at Harristown State School. She has overseen three implementations of Fast ForWord so far and seen some students jump 2 years in their reading age. Currently Harristown State school has 90 students enrolled in the program, including some Year 8 and 9 students. She shares her experience with Fast ForWord with us.

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Henley Beach Primary School, SA
Interview with Michelle Stratton, Fast ForWord coordinator

Fast ForWord schoolsMichelle Stratton is the coordinator of Fast ForWord at Henley Beach. She a qualified teacher, Child, Youth and Family Health nurse and counsellor and has over 10 years teaching experience at school and university levels.

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St Patrick’s College, QLD
Interview with Exceptional Learners staff

St Patrick's College Fast ForWord program review schoolIn 2013 and 2014, St Patrick’s College in Shorncliffe, Queensland has enrolled over twenty students from Years 5 to 10 in the Fast ForWord program. Elizabeth Gibb (Head Of Curriculum), Donna Flannagan, Anita Willis and Rosemary Butt (Teacher Aides) share their Fast ForWord experience.

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Northpine Christian College, QLD
Interview with Linda Hunter, Learning Support teacher and Fast ForWord Coordinator

Northpine Christian College Fast ForWord reviews primary schoolIn 2013 and 2014, Northpine Christian College in Queensland has enrolled some of their struggling students—from Year 1 to 11—in the Fast ForWord program. Sonic Learning spoke with Linda Hunter, Learning Support teacher and Fast ForWord Coordinator about their Fast ForWord experience.

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Burnett State College, QLD
Frances Conroy, Teacher, wanted to improve literacy outcomes for her students

“We are running Fast ForWord again next year,” says Frances.

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Townsville State High School, QLD
Denise Reeves talks about their Fast ForWord experience

During 2013, Townsville State High School enrolled 20 studentFast ForWord schoolss, from years 8 to 12, in the Fast ForWord program. Sonic Learning spoke to Year 12 teacher and Fast ForWord Coach Denise Reeves.

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Arahoe School, NZ
Richard Limberick, Principal, used Fast ForWord as part of a learning support program

Arahoe School Fast ForWord reviews attention memory auditory processing schoolsAs a school, we were looking for programs that would support children who we saw as underachieving in the literacy area … we see Fast ForWord as an added advantage to sessional classroom reading … it works for us, and I’ve got no doubt that if it’s implemented in similar ways, it’ll work for all kids.

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Kawungan State School, QLD
Rachel Burke, Teacher, was very impressed by Fast ForWord's results

Kawungan State School Fast ForWord reviews school neuroscience program

After finding out about Fast ForWord’s impressive track record, I jumped through hoops to run the program in our school. We finally managed to enrol a group of 20 students by approaching parents for funding.

Our goal was to improve general classroom performance and we mainly targeted students with auditory processing and phonological awareness weaknesses as well as students with reading and attention difficulties.

We followed Sonic Learning’s direction to implement the program well and were very impressed with the results. Next year we are again running the program with 20 students.

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Westminster Junior Primary School, WA
Peter Mulcahy, Principal, talks about their Fast ForWord experience

Westminster Junior Primary School Fast ForWord reviews school phonological awareness program“The post assessments showed marked improvements in phonological awareness,” says Peter Mulcahy, principal.

“It’s hard to name one thing I like about the program most but one thing was the joy on the kids faces, the joy of the staff working with the kids, the sense of achievement that they got from seeing children succeed,”

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Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School, QLD
Joanne, Teacher, reports on how Fast ForWord helped one of her students

“This program has turned his attitude around in all his learning areas,” says Joanne.

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Santa Maria College, WA
Andrea Dopson, Teacher, wanted to help struggling students

Santa Maria College Fast ForWord reviews school reading program neuroscience“We decided to trial the program with a group of five students who were experiencing a range of learning difficulties stemming from weak working memory and slow processing,” Andrea told Sonic Learning.

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Wynn Vale R-7 School, SA

Wynn Vale School Fast ForWord reviews school auditory processing programA group of students aged 11-13 showed significant improvements in auditory processing skills after participating in the Fast ForWord program, with the group moving into the normal range on all measures.

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Narooma Public School, NSW

On every area of the curriculum assessed by the NAPLAN assessment, the average growth from year 3 to year 5 of all the students who had completed Fast ForWord was greater than the average growth of the students who had not completed the program.

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Yorkwoods Public School, Canada
Fast ForWord reviews school auditory processing programClick the image to the right to see inside the Yorkwoods Fast ForWord computer lab.

“The students are enjoying what they’re doing, and they’re working hard.”

“I’ve been in special ed for about 30 years, I’ve never seen a program like this…when a student starts to falter, we can see right away…I think the Fast ForWord program is spectacular.” – Robert Lines, Teacher

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