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Callan, 16, Western Australia
Learning difficulties

Callan Fast ForWord program review online learning program teenagers reading memory attention auditory processingI think he has learnt more from [the Fast ForWord] program than he has in his entire 13 years at school.

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Josh, teenager, Queensland
Reading and writing difficulties

Josh’s confidence has really improved, he doesn’t feel as unintelligent as he did last year. It has given him the ability to believe in himself. I’m so glad I found this program and gave it a chance – not only did it help my son with his reading ability it also helped him with his school work and self confidence. This program is not just for little kids – it can help all ages. I would recommend this program to anyone who is having trouble with literacy.

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H, 15 years old, Western Australia
Reading, spelling and writing

As parents, we are so pleased that H took ownership of bettering himself and significantly developing his spelling, literacy and comprehension skills through participating in the Fast ForWord program.

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Felix, 17 years old, Queensland
Reading difficulties

Felix has worked very hard this term with his Fast ForWord training. He recently had to do some reading at the formal school assembly. I was amazed at how well he read. No one listening would have realised he had ever had difficulties.

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Megan, 13 years old, Queensland
Language and Learning Delay

I am the mother of a 13 year old girl who started Fast ForWord when she was 12 years old. Fast ForWord is a brilliant program and my daughter loved it from the very beginning.

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Giulia, 18 years old, Brazil
Dyslexic and English Language Learner

Giulia Fast ForWord program reviews ESL English language learner Dyslexia reading

In a little over a year my life changed completely, I do very well in school and my old difficulties were remedied quickly.

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