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Kathleen, 38 years old, Tasmania

“A lot of people think you have a disability if you can’t read or spell properly, it’s just that everyone learns in a different way and once you find how you learn it becomes a lot easier.”

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Tania, 34 years old, Queensland

Thank you so much. In a relatively short space of time, the overall change in Tania is unbelievable. Fast ForWord has opened her up and we cannot believe her ongoing progress. After a lifetime of struggling and agonizing, dealing with her frustrations and low self esteem, my appreciation and joy is overwhelming.

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Robyn, Adult, Tasmania
Auditory Processing Disorder

Robyn Fast ForWord program reviews adults auditory processing disorder study skills online learning programHello, my name is Robyn, I am 44, I have a job, a career, I am married and have a child. I have a learning disorder, which I didn’t know about until 27 years after my last high school exam. Which I failed. In fact, I failed almost everything in school, and was told by teachers and parents that it was just because I was lazy and wasn’t working hard enough.

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Leah, 35 years old, Western Australia
Auditory Processing difficulties

After completing Sonic Learning’s literacy program, my processing has gone from ‘impossible’ to functional!

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John, Adult, Western Australia
Stroke to left frontotemporal region

Two years ago my husband suffered an asymptomatic heart attack, followed by a stroke, damaging broca’s area. He was diagnosed with aphasia, dyspraxia and limitations in the lower right arm and leg.

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