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Asha, 9 years old, Western Australia
Auditory Processing Difficulties, memory, reading and spelling

auditory processing programAsha’s Mum recently submitted a Fast ForWord program review explaining why she placed her daughter on the program and the results she achieved.

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Sophia, 7 years old, Western Australia
Auditory Processing and reading difficulties

We’re thrilled with Sophia’s progress! After only 3 months of Fast ForWord training, she has made huge improvements in her learning, memory, concentration and behaviour. She is a lot more confident now and is showing much greater willingness to try at school and not give up.

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J, 7 years old, Western Australia
Reading difficulties

“This week J went up a level in his reading at school and wanted to read all of his reading books for the week in one night! My J never wanted to read or was reluctant to want to try and read 1 book a night. Last night, he even wrote a story with some words spelled correct!

Although this program has been to complete with 2 other small children in the house, it has been amazing to see such a huge change. All the hard work is now showing! Thanks so much. This program has helped to give me so much more information and knowledge about his abilities.” – J’s mother

Harry, 8 years old, Western Australia
Struggled with reading and writing

Since finishing the program, Harry’s reading and spelling abilities have improved. He is less frustrated and his confidence and ability to give things a go has increased in relation to his school work. Motivating Harry could be hard at times but Sonic Learning provided lots of ideas and strategies to help him along. It was great being able to do the program at home, seeing the results each week and seeing the success Harry was having with the games. It was a bit like magic – the games seemed so simple but their effects were like miracles!

Joe, 7 years old, Western Australia

Fast forword program reviewsIf you make the training a priority now, you will reap the rewards for life!

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Angus, 7 years old, NT
Autism Spectrum Disorder

“This program held my son’s interest while we saw a very large improvement with skills.”

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Ethan, 6 years old, South Australia

We are really pleased with Ethan’s progress through Fast ForWord and in fact, we’ve noted some improvement that we’d like to share with you. About 3-4 weeks back, he suddenly spelt some words on route to school and was doing that throughout our 25 mins’ drive to school. That was the start.

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Benjamin, 11 years old, Queensland
Struggled with reading

Benjamin Fast ForWord program reviews online reading program for childrenBenjamin’s reading has just come forward amazingly … not even just his improvement, but his will now to read. He had no desire whatsoever to put pen to paper whereas now he’s sat there at work and written little poems … we’re very very happy.

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Pierce, 7 years old, Western Australia
Auditory Processing Disorder

Pierce Fast ForWord program reviews Auditory Processing Disorder CAPD listening following instructions auditory memorySince finishing the program Pierce has improved in many ways. He is now very focused and continues on a task until the end, he follows instructions and only needs to be asked once. His teacher reports that his listening, spelling and reading have greatly improved. He really is a different child.

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Aidan, 8 years old, South Australia
Asperger's, ADHD and reading difficulties

Before Fast ForWord, Aidan’s reading skills were quite poor and now he is the best reader in his class.

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Leo, 9 years old, South Australia

We are 8 weeks into the program and have already seen some good results.

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J (9 years) & H (11 years), South Australia
Short term memory, spelling, concentration and motivation

Overall J loved doing the program and was always eager to do it, I saw his confidence grow and I saw his work at school improve and he enjoys school more!

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Jacob, 5 years old, Queensland
Diagnosed with Autism

Since starting the Fast ForWord program Jacob’s ability to concentrate and process has improved. He is much calmer and is having less frequent meltdowns.

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Morohni, 5 years old, Queensland
Language delay

Dear Sonic Learning,

Just to keep you informed on the miracle that has happened in Morohni’s life since completing Fast ForWord.

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Cassidy, 9 years old, Queensland
Language Delay

Cassidy’s language is severely delayed and probably that of a 2-3 year old. Since beginning the Fast ForWord program, however, she is able to answer questions such as ‘What did you do at school today?’ The answers are very short but, with prompting, we are able to get some information. For example:

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Nicole, 10 years old, Western Australia
Auditory Processing Disorder

Nicole was diagnosed with an Auditory Processing Disorder when she was in Year 3. Her progress at school was behind her peers and I knew she could do better. She completed the Fast ForWord course the following year and her schoolwork is really improving.

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James, 9 years old, Western Australia
Poor literacy

I doubt any parent would feel good hearing that their child had a learning difficulty. We all felt helpless, so the opportunity to do something constructive was greatly welcomed. Fast ForWord exceeded our expectations, and I would recommend other parents to prioritise this form of therapy, if it is suitable for their child.

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Michael, 10 years old, Queensland

High verbal IQ, but struggled with reading and spelling

Fast ForWord is worth every dollar when you compare it to other options and considering how fast you can actually see a change.

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FR, 8, Western Australia

Lagging behind in his spoken and written language

FR’s writing and spelling has improved so much that he now spells at the level of a 10 and a half year old – and he is only 8!

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N, 12 years old

We have noticed many improvements in N’s skills but none more so than his reading – we can’t keep up the books, and he feels so confident and capable. The support and information that came from Sonic each week was extraordinary.

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Chenae, 9 years old, Western Australia
Reading problems, difficulties understanding verbal instruction

Chenae Fast ForWord program review online reading programMy husband and I are amazed that such a simple program can make such big changes! Before Fast For Word, we would have to repeat instructions and explanations over and over. Now, we are blown away by what she is remembering.

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Lachlan, 9 years old, Queensland
Reading difficulties

Lachlan fast forword program review online reading program neuroscience memoryThe most pivotal moment for us this year was finding Lachlan on his bed one night reading a book, independently. We were so happy that we took a photo and sent it to his grandparents.

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Oliver, 6 years old, Queensland

Oliver fast forword works online reading program dyslexia memory auditory processing disorder CAPDI really wanted to tell you how much Oliver has improved at school. I am just floored at how quickly he now learns his sight words.

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Skye, 8 years old, Queensland
ADHD and literacy difficulties

The change we saw in my daughter’s literacy development was very comforting. She now has positive strategies towards solving problems, stronger self-esteem and an overall positivity towards reading. Thanks Fast ForWord!

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Harris, 9 years old, Western Australia

Harris is now in year 7 and his test results are around the 80% mark. Before we couldn’t get Harris to read anything and now he takes a book with him when he goes out. It’s nothing for him to be reading 3 novels at a time.

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Max, 11 years old, Western Australia
Bright frustrated learner

Max participated in a cognitive training program called Fast ForWord and I couldn’t have imagined how much it would help him. His teacher has noticed a huge improvement in his behaviour, his ability to follow instructions, his capacity to keep up in class and his grades are a lot better. He’s a different boy altogether in that he’s happy to go to school and we’ve noticed a big improvement in his self-esteem.

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Hamish, 11 years old, South Australia
Glue ear and undiagnosed learning difficulties

“And suddenly a miracle. My son, who previously couldn’t remember more than two digits at a time, can suddenly remember my ten digit phone number – and we haven’t even tried to teach him, he has taught himself.”
“And another miracle. A speech therapy assessment which included APD aspects has put him within the normal range for his age.”

Read this blog post by Hamish’s mother describing her family’s experience with Fast ForWord.

Gemma, 8, Western Australia
ADD and sensory difficulties

We have seen improvement in her social skills as well as with her sensory issues with clothes and her attitude at school has improved immensely.

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Payton, 11 years old
Autism, APD & ADHD

Autism Aspergers Fast ForWord program reviewsThis case study is from our American colleagues, Gemm learning.

Payton was diagnosed high functioning Autism and ADHD a few years ago. He hated going to school … I can’t tell you how many times he would wake up in the morning and cry – that would break my heart. I knew we needed to find something that was going to help him keep up at school. He one day just picked up a book, a chapter book of all things, and asked if he could read to me … he’s happy and smiling … he’s ventured into things that I never thought he would have an interest in.

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