Fast ForWord provider terms and conditions

  • This agreement is between Sonic Learning and the party named at the bottom of this document. The period of the agreement is for the duration of 2015.

    The undersigned understands that in order to maintain ongoing status as an Accredited Fast ForWord Provider (AFFP), at least one of the following criteria must be met each calendar year:

    1. Provision of Fast ForWord and/or Reading Assistant Programs to seven or more individuals in a calendar year (calculated pro rata if training takes place part way through a calendar year), or
    2. Attendance at a refresher training session provided by Sonic Learning at the commencement of each new calendar year.

    As an AFFRAP, the undersigned agrees to the following license terms and conditions::

    1. Your clients must sign and submit an agreement (template provided by Sonic Learning within the Member Login area of Sonic Learning’s website), outlining the terms and conditions of Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant use.
    2. AFFRAPs may sell Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant programs only to customers in QLD, WA, SA, NT and TAS, for private use at home. Selling Fast ForWord or Reading Assistant programs to clients outside of these states, schools, businesses, organisations or for use within a school is prohibited and accreditation for Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant provision will be revoked in doing so.
    3. Fast ForWord licenses are counted as ‘student months’ (sm) where one sm equals any calendar month in which 5 or more days of training are undertaken.
    4. Student months must be purchased in advance of use by the AFFRAP’s clients and are valid for use for 12 months from the date of purchase. Student months can be ordered and purchased by submitting to an order form provided by Sonic Learning.
    5. Student month pricing is subject to change without prior notice. An up to date pricing schedule is accessible from the Member Login area of Sonic Learning’s website.
    6. Student Months will be deducted from an AFFRAP’s stock count at the end of each calendar month. Sonic Learning will endeavor to provide a Student Month Stock Summary to the AFFRAP as close as possible to the beginning of the next calendar month.
    7. It is your responsibility as a Provider to keep track of your clients’ student month usage. if a Student Month Stock Summary indicates that that the number of student months used is in excess of the number of student months pre-purchased, the AFFRAP will be invoiced immediately for the excess license use at a rate determined by the license fee schedule on the date that the invoice is generated.
    8. License extensions of up to 30 days may be granted at Sonic Learning’s discretion for training time lost due to technical problems caused by faulty software. Extensions will not be granted in instances where training time is lost due to technical issues that arise from a client’s computer not meeting minimum technical requirements or a conflicting application that is installed on the user’s computer.
    9. AFFRAPs are responsible for the production of their own marketing materials for the promotion of the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant programs, and in doing so will:
      submit new materials to Sonic Learning for approval (including website content that pertains to the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant programs);
      b) credit Sonic Learning for text copied directly from Sonic Learning’s marketing materials including but not exclusive to website pages, handouts and newsletters.
    10. AFFRAPs are responsible for providing technical assistance to their own clients. Sonic Learning will provide AFFRAPs with technical support when required but is not responsible for providing direct assistance to your clients.
    11. Access to the Provider Member Login area of is restricted to the AFFRAP only. The AFFRAP will not allow external parties (including their own clients) to access the site.
    12. The AFFRAP must not to copy, rent, lease, lend, license, sublicense, sell, export, assign, transfer or in any other way disseminate, reverse engineer, decompile, or create derivative works or adaptations from the licensed materials and accreditation for Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant provision will be revoked in doing so.
    13. The AFFRAP must provide an acceptable level of implementation support to their clients, including but not exclusive to regular contact and updates to clients on progress within each Fast ForWord program, adequate technical assistance, interventions as appropriate when the requirement is indicated in MySciLearn.
    14. AFFRAPs will not enter into agreements with, or purchase from, any Provider of Fast ForWord or Reading Assistant other than Sonic Learning.
    15. The materials and resources supplied by Sonic Learning are for use with Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant participants only.
    16. If the Provider agreement is discontinued, the AFFRAP will return to Sonic Learning all materials supplied and not use such materials with any other providers of Fast ForWord or Reading Assistant.
    17. To maintain the integrity of Scientific Learning’s Fast ForWord programs, Sonic Learning holds the right to revoke the undersigned’s status as an AFFRAP if any of the above terms and conditions are violated or not met to Sonic Learning’s satisfaction.