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Become an Accredited Fast ForWord & Reading Assistant Provider

Are you a learning professional with an interest in neuroscience?

Do you work with clients with delays in auditory processing, working memory, attention, language and/or literacy?

Do you have students who aren’t progressing quickly enough?

Do you have disengaged students who dislike worksheets but who enjoy computerised learning?

Are you keen to add to your existing services or start a new business?

As an Accredited Fast ForWord & Reading Assistant Provider, you will be able to offer your clients intensive neuroscience-designed and evidence-based programs to achieve significant and lasting learning gains.

Who can apply?

Health professionals, educators or tutors with experience working with individuals with learning difficulties.

Why offer Fast ForWord & Reading Assistant?

These programs aren’t designed to replace the curriculum or therapy; they are designed to teach students of all ages how to be better learners and readers. With these programs, you can…

  • achieve fast and lasting learning gains with your students
  • train skills that are difficult to treat and resistant to therapy such as processing speed
  • help your students who aren’t progressing in spite of extra learning assistance
  • provide intensive and cost-effective intervention for your students without the need for daily face to face therapy
  • offer individualised learning interventions that adapt to each student based on every click of the mouse
  • engage disengaged learners with learning interventions that are disguised as computer games
  • quickly and easily access student training progress results and generate reports using an excellent progress tracking tool called MySciLearn

Fees and training

For a limited time, Sonic Learning is offering Provider training at no charge. It’s now quicker, easier and more cost effective than ever to get started as a Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Provider:

  • The self-directed training is approximately 4.5 hours and you will be provided with ongoing assistance from Sonic Learning in supporting your clients.
  • For a limited time, the total upfront commitment including free training, your own MySciLearn progress tracking login and licenses for two of your clients to train for three student months is $1,450 (inc. GST).

How do I become an Accredited Fast ForWord® Provider?

If you’re keen to know more, contact our team on 1300 135 334. We can provide you with a demonstration of the program and discuss how to implement this program alongside your other learning tools.

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For more information about becoming a Fast ForWord provider, call 1300 135 334 or contact us via email.