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Become a Fast ForWord provider

Fast ForWord is an evidence-based cognitive training program that is designed to improve auditory processing, working memory, attention, language and literacy skills in children, adolescents and adults. Fast ForWord is an effective intervention for health professionals, educators and tutors who regularly work with clients who have deficits in these areas.

Why Fast ForWord?

  • Research leader – based on proven neuroscience and continuously validated by ongoing research
  • Trains the key cognitive skills that are difficult to develop through one-on-one intervention
  • Enables clients to get the most out of therapy, tutoring and classroom learning
  • Scientifically proven levels of intensity and adaptivity
  • High rate of completion and effectiveness

As an Accredited Fast ForWord® Provider you can:

  • Make a real difference by facilitating significant and lasting learning gains to improve academic, professional and personal performance
  • Add value to your existing services by building cognitive skills before applying other interventions
  • Generate income for your business
  • Earn additional income by recommending Fast ForWord Site Licenses to institutions such as schools and workplaces

How do I become an Accredited Fast ForWord® Provider?

  • You must be a health professional, educator or tutor with experience working with individuals with learning difficulties
  • Participate in a free online demonstration, presented by a member of our team
  • Complete certification training, involving three components:
    • Pre-reading
    • An online self-directed training session which covers: understanding Fast ForWord, the research, using and implementing Fast ForWord, exercise demonstrations and how to get the most out of your Fast ForWord business.
    • A hands-on training session in how to use our data analysis tool, once your first participant has commenced training.

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For more information about becoming a Fast ForWord provider, call 1300 135 334 or contact us via email.