Cogmed case studies and program reviews

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If you would like to discuss any of these case studies with one of our team or find out more about how Cogmed improves memory and attention for children, teenagers and adults, please contact our team.

Robert,17, Western Australia

Cogmed was more fun than I expected it to be because it’s like playing games. As long as you make the time to do it it’s quite enjoyable. I liked trying to beat my own scores and throughout the days I did Cogmed I noticed it became easier and easier to remember more and more numbers – my progress was evident.

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Zoe, 9, WA
Difficulties with memory affecting schoolwork and self confidence

It has been really interesting with Zoe as in the last couple of months we have noticed the biggest changes.

Her teachers have found her putting her hand up and participating more, she is much more confident and sure of herself this year. She now says good morning to the teachers and will actually ask them questions. She remembers better and we have found her more alert and engaging in conversations at home.

Her teachers have found that her literacy/comprehension/spelling has greatly improved this year.

Melissa, Zoe’s mother

Michaela, 14
Difficulties with memory affecting maths grades

Michaela Cogmed working memory program improve attention ADD ADHD teenagers Cogmed program reviewMath had always been my hardest subject. And now from doing Cogmed and feeling like I was on top of things, I found that the questions became easier and my memorisation skills went way up.

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Becky, 8

Becky Cogmed program review online working memory training improve attention ADD ADHDThis program had an overwhelmingly positive effect on Becky’s academic development … Cogmed gave Becky the confidence to speak up for herself.

Debby, Becky’s mother

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Thomas, teenager
Focus, organisation and social skills

Cogmed program review working memory attention ADD ADHDIt takes a while but once you see the signs, they’re absolutely amazing, how Cogmed can really help you with everything – with academics, with social life, with regular life in general.

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Meredith, 16

Meredith Cogmed program review working memory improve attention ADD ADHDHer working memory had gone from the earlier 68th percentile to the 98th percentile … Cogmed let her show what she already knew.

Dr Tracy Ware, Psychiatrist

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A, 64 year old adult

I’m a 64 year old Lawyer, a woman with a wonderful family: a husband, 3 grown children, a new son-in-law. Ideal? Not exactly. I struggled with years of undiagnosed ADHD.

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