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Improve memory

Improve short term auditory memory and working memory and improve school performance in all subjects – reading, writing, english, maths and science.

Does memory training work? Yes – if it’s done the right way. That’s why Sonic Learning has carefully selected two programs created by neuroscientists that are proven to improve auditory memory and visual memory by systematically training these skills at a just-right level for each individual. The Fast ForWord and Cogmed programs improve memory for ages 4 – 99.

Does it work?

Cogmed research working memory does cogmed work?

This research study included 72 students and a matched control group. The students who participated in the Cogmed program improved significantly in working memory tasks, and training was associated with significantly greater progress at school across the academic year in maths and English.

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Which program?

Contact Sonic Learning’s health professionals for advice on which program is right for you.

Fast ForWord Foundations/Elements

Builds auditory short term memory and working memory
Most suitable for students who struggle to focus particularly in a noisy classroom or when being given verbal instructions. Very suitable for students with auditory processing, language or reading weaknesses.
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Builds visual working memory
Most suitable for students who do not have language or reading difficulties and whose main difficulties are visual memory, organisational skills and mathematics.
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