English language learners improve English comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation & reading

Through exercises carefully designed by learning experts, the Fast ForWord programs train the brain to be good at hearing English sounds, making learning and listening to English much easier. They also improve English comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. The Reading Assistant programs help with English reading comprehension and English pronunciation.

Does it work?

English language learner Fast ForWord ESL grammar vocabulary comprehension

In one study, English language learners across the United States significantly improved language comprehension on the TACL test after using the Fast ForWord language learning program, moving from below average to well within the average range. Download paper

Fast ForWord helped me to improve my comprehension and English. It also made me more matured, smart, independent, responsible, and successful!11-year-old girl from Singapore


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Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant exercise examples

Fast ForWord Language Elebot following instructions

Ele-Bot (from Fast ForWord Language)

Students build English language comprehension (grammar and sentence structure) as they determine which illustrations correctly match the spoken sentence.

Watch Fast ForWord demonstration video
Fast ForWord Reading 3 online reading programs spelling

Chicken Dog (from Fast ForWord Reading 3)

After hearing a word, students must complete the written word by choosing the missing letters or letter combinations, building sound awareness and spelling skills.

Watch Fast ForWord demonstration video
Reading Assistant online reading program comprehension fluency repeated reading

Reading Assistant

Builds reading fluency and comprehension. Students preview and read the text silently, then listen to a model reading. After answering guided reading comprehension questions, students read the text aloud.

Watch Reading Assistant video


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