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Rather than giving your child more curriculum practice like tutoring, Fast ForWord is designed to enhance your child’s overall learning ability.

A fun way to learn

Fast ForWord program learning software

In just 30 minutes a day for as little as 3 months at home or school, your child can achieve significant and lasting improvements in:

With over 80 patents, no other program is as effective at training this comprehensive range of learning skills.

What results can I expect from Fast ForWord?

Participants report better concentration and listening skills, quicker thinking and sharper memory. They also experience enhanced listening and reading comprehension, better decoding and reading fluency, and improved written and verbal expression.

Fast ForWord is worth every dollar when you compare it to other options and considering how fast you can actually see a change.Sarah, Michael's Mum, QLD
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What research is available?

Fast ForWord is a leader in the science of brain training and is the most highly researched learning program in existence. The program is engineered by a team of world-leading neuroscientists. It has been proven time and time again to improve learning and academic performance.

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How much does Fast ForWord cost?
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Why spend thousands of dollars over multiple years on band-aid solutions? Fast ForWord represents a personalised and cost-effective way to address your child’s specific learning needs in the comfort of your home or at school.

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Frequently asked questions

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How much improvement do students make?

The extensive Fast ForWord research shows, on average, that a 1 – 2 year gain can be achieved in reading and learning skills in a 3 month period of Fast ForWord training. Every student is different and individual gains vary. Sonic Learning’s team of health and education professionals will work with you to ensure that your child is placed on a program appropriate for them. We’ll then help you support your child so they can receive optimal benefit from the program.

Can adults benefit from Fast ForWord training?

The most amazing and inspiring discovery by neuroscientists in the last three decades is that it is never too late to change your brain. Adults can benefit from auditory processing, reading and memory programs just as much as children – as long as the programs are well designed and administered in the right way. Read more about programs for adults …

Will my child need to repeat the program in the future?

The Fast ForWord course is a three month commitment, with the option to continue with further extension exercises if you choose to do so. It is not necessary to repeat exercises that have already been completed however, as the neuroscience research indicates that if the program is used frequently as intended, it creates lasting changes in the brain. To keep up the gains made, students need to keep listening and reading – which fortunately happens every day at school!

Will my child enjoy the exercises?

The Fast ForWord exercises have been designed by game experts and are designed to appeal to children and teenagers. Most children and teenagers enjoy Fast ForWord (particularly if they see it as an alternative to pen and paper exercises!). Some children have volunteered to do three training sessions in one day!

The exercises contain lots of built in rewards, animations and motivational tricks that are always changing, and they adapt to the student’s individual level meaning they are never too easy or too hard. You’ll also have 24 hour access to the motivational resources in the member’s area of our website and you can contact our health and education professionals any time.

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