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Understanding your NAPLAN report

Understanding your child’s NAPLAN report (video)

Watch this video for 3 simple steps to understanding your child’s NAPLAN report. Step 1: stay calm! The NAPLAN test is just a small snapshot of your child’s work under pressure and the NAPLAN results are just that – your child’s snapshot compared with similar snapshots from children across Australia. You can’t rely on NAPLAN to […]

Mother and boy reading

Reading Aloud: Is It Important?

Reading aloud with expression is a foundational reading skill students should be developing between years 1 – 5. Why is this skill so difficult for some students?

What to do about a bad school report

5 Tips for Dealing With a Poor School Report

Do you feel anxious at school report time? Here are some practical steps to deal with your child’s results and prevent future “report shock”.

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Getting ready for your first NDIS planning meeting

With the NDIS rolling out to thousands of new participants during 2017, the question everyone is asking is: “how do I prepare for my NDIS planning meeting to make sure I can use my child’s funding to best help them?” What is the NDIS planning meeting? The NDIS planning meeting is a telephone meeting with […]