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Dyslexia letter reversal writing difficulties

Writing backwards and reversing letters: does my child have Dyslexia?

Many children are referred for Dyslexia evaluation because they write some letters backwards (sometimes called “mirror writing”). Does writing backwards or reversing letters mean your child has Dyslexia? Myth: Writing backwards is a sign of Dyslexia “This is unfortunately a myth that seems to have nine lives,” says the Yale Centre for Dyslexia and Creativity1. […]


3 Step Reading Program Review – Grace, Western Australia

 Video interview Grace enrolled in our 12 month program to improve cognitive and reading skills. She has completed 7 months of training on the reading programs, first on Fast ForWord, then on the Reading Boost program, and now she’s working on the Reading Assistant program. Every student has learning strengths and weaknesses “Maths is […]

Understanding your NAPLAN report

Understanding your child’s NAPLAN report (video)

Watch this video for 3 simple steps to understanding your child’s NAPLAN report. Step 1: stay calm! The NAPLAN test is just a small snapshot of your child’s work under pressure and the NAPLAN results are just that – your child’s snapshot compared with similar snapshots from children across Australia. You can’t rely on NAPLAN to […]

Mother and boy reading

Reading Aloud: Is It Important?

Reading aloud with expression is a foundational reading skill students should be developing between years 1 – 5. Why is this skill so difficult for some students?

What to do about a bad school report

5 Tips for Dealing With a Poor School Report

Do you feel anxious at school report time? Here are some practical steps to deal with your child’s results and prevent future “report shock”.

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