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What to do about a bad school report

5 Tips for Dealing With a Poor School Report

Do you feel anxious at school report time? Here are some practical steps to deal with your child’s results and prevent future “report shock”.

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Report time savings

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Getting ready for your first NDIS planning meeting

With the NDIS rolling out to thousands of new participants during 2017, the question everyone is asking is: “how do I prepare for my NDIS planning meeting to make sure I can use my child’s funding to best help them?” What is the NDIS planning meeting? The NDIS planning meeting is a telephone meeting with […]


Fast ForWord Review: 7 year old Sophia Improved Auditory Processing and Reading

“We’re thrilled with Sophia’s progress! After only 3 months of Fast ForWord training, she has made huge improvements in her learning, memory, concentration and behaviour. She is a lot more confident now and is showing much greater willingness to try at school and not give up.”

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Summer School Holiday Program

Prevent your child from regressing over the long break Boost their skills and be prepared for the new school year Keep their brain stimulated without burdening them with schoolwork This program is suitable for years 1 and above (yes, adults love it too!). You can use computer or iPad and you’ll receive weekly summary reports. For […]