Reading, spelling and writing: neuroscience perspectives and teaching methods

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About the presenters

Martha Burns

Dr Martha Burns
PhD., Speech Pathologist and Neuroscientist
Dr Burns is a Speech Pathologist and Neuroscientist from Chicago. She is an expert in the field of neuroscience and its application to learning disorders, including auditory processing, attention, reading and working memory. Dr Burns has published numerous articles on the brain and language and is an exceptional presenter who communicates the most complicated research findings in simple terms.

Tina Pickford

Tina Pickford
Speech Pathologist
Tina is a speech pathologist with a special interest in neuroscience and learning difficulties. She holds a degree in Human Communication Science with first class honors and has been trained as a Dyslexia instructor by the Australian Dyslexia Association. She understands that learning disorders are complex and often poorly understood, and prides herself on explaining concepts in understandable terms.

Meagan Ross

Meagan Ross, M.A.
ESL and reading fluency specialist
Meagan is a passionate English language learning specialist. She holds a master’s degree in education policy and second language acquisition and has trained university professors on best practices in English Learning and Elementary Education. Before joining Scientific Learning’s reading fluency training team she worked on reading test development at Pearson.


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