eSchool News Readers’ choice awards name the Fast ForWord Program as a top education technology program


The Fast ForWord online reading programs are recognised by primary and high school educators for making the greatest impact in their schools.

The Fast ForWord online reading programs have been chosen as a winner of the eSchool News Readers’ Choice Awards. These awards recognise the educational technology that has had the greatest impact in readers’ schools.

The Fast ForWord program was chosen as one of 50 winners from more than 1,300 nominations. The eSchool News Readers’ Choice Awards ask readers to provide their top picks for hardware, software or online services in any area of educational technology, and to explain how they are using these products to improve teaching, learning or school administration.

“Being recognized by K-12 educators and administrators for this award is a real honor, and we are grateful to our customers who nominated the Fast ForWord program based on their success in their schools,” said Robert C. Bowen, CEO of Scientific Learning. “We’re excited to continue our efforts to bring the Fast ForWord program to more students than ever before — particularly to struggling readers, special education students, and English language learners, who see tremendous results with this program.”

In Australia, the Fast ForWord online reading programs can be accessed by home users and schools from Sonic Learningcontact Sonic Learning’s team for more information.

Source: The Wall Street Journal