Auditory Processing Skills & Reading Disorders in Children

Posted on 14 August 2013

It’s not exactly news that there’s a relationship between auditory processing skills and reading disorders in children. But with research by scientists such as...

Everyday ways to build literacy in young children

Posted on 8 August 2013

Without strong language skills, children will struggle in school and in life.  Literacy  (reading, writing and spelling) is the foundation for learning – and the...

Reading speed in children

Help for students struggling with reading fluency and comprehension

Posted on 4 June 2013

Reading fluency refers to the ease with which a student reads. Fluent readers read more quickly and with automaticity in word recognition. They enjoy...

brain training neuroscience seminar

Brain Myths in Education: Making Sense of Fact vs Fiction

Posted on 30 April 2013

In this webinar, Dr. Bill Jenkins and Dr. Martha Burns help us sort fact from fiction. Here are some of the things we learned:

dr martha burns neuroscience learning pd seminar

Dr Martha Burns’ successful Australian seminar tour

Posted on 2 April 2013

At her Australian seminars this month, Dr Martha Burns, neuroscientist and speech pathologist, discussed topics such as:

learning program self esteem motivation school

The importance of boosting motivation for learning

Posted on 20 February 2013

Why do some children give up while others power on, and how can we motivate students for learning?

school holiday programs

5 simple ways to maintain your child’s brain health these holidays

Posted on 11 December 2012

Prevent brain drain during the holidays with these 5 simple steps:

working memory program school holiday program

7 ways to improve working memory over the holidays

Posted on 23 November 2012

“Put on your socks, wash your hands, get your bag and I’ll meet you outside.” Working memory is so important for a variety of...

school holiday programs learning programs

Prevent regression during the school holidays

Posted on 20 November 2012

The summer holidays offer a well-deserved break after a long, hard academic year. It’s a time to relax and enjoy family life. However, during...

Online reading tutor homework help

Homework tips for parents – how to help

Posted on 11 October 2012

More than 60 research studies conducted in the last 20 years show that kids are more successful at school if they do homework. But...