Why some students struggle with writing

Cognitive skills are the building blocks on which writing depends.

  • Memory – we need to hold our plans in mind and simulaneously form each new sentence.
  • Attention – attention must be given both to writing and also thinking what to write next.
  • Processing speed & sequencing – it takes a lot of brain power to coordinate and order all the different processes involved in writing.
  • Language – we need to be able to express our thoughts verbally before we will be able to put them down on paper.

Fast ForWord improves writing skills

The research

In two studies, a significant improvement in students’ writing skills occurred after participation in computer-based cognitive and literacy skills training. Although writing was not explicitly trained, the training designed to improve foundational cognitive and linguistic skills generalized to improve writing skills – click here to read more about how improving cognitive skills can improve writing. (Rogowsky, 2010; Rogowsky et al., 2013).

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